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很多人都在問我, 2006 年五月份最後的兩個星期到底去了哪裏。 有些人知道我回了英格蘭的母校一趟, 但就不段問我旅程如何, 我用了多少錢, 以及英格蘭是否一個美麗的地方等等。 所以,為了避免逐一回答他們的問題, 我寫了這篇遊記並在此處公開。 所以, 我親愛的朋友們, 以下就是我這兩個星期所到過的地方。

我的旅程由 2006 年 5 月 21日, 在北角的主日崇拜之後正式開始。 我的飛機是在下午六時半起飛的, 所以我還有很多的時間。 在北角的熟食中心與查經班吃過午飯後, 我到了惠康去買禮物, 一份是給媽媽作母親節禮物, 而另一份是給 Brian 的大太。 由於擔心能否帶玻璃瓶上飛機, 結果我只買了一盒燕窩

外面開始下大雨了, 我在中央圖書館附近與爸爸會合, 然後採用最平的方法到機場: 城巴 E11。 巴士旅程十分驚險, 當巴士駛上青馬大橋時, 我根本看不到窗外的景物, 後來, 我才知道原來當時正發出了紅色暴雨警告。

幸好, 我平安無事地到達了香港國際機場。 我立刻將行李寄艙, 以及詢問可否帶燕窩上飛機, 興幸地勤人員給了我一個正面的答覆。

爸爸說了再見後, 我就自己一個了, 那時是下午三時半, 餘下的三個小時如何渡過呢?食!

我記得少時候, 香港有很多 Burger King 的, 但幾年之後它們全都消失了。 近期, 我見到 Burger King 重臨香港, 可惜它們只開了一間店鋪, 這就是全港唯一一間, 位於香港國際機場禁區內的 Burger King 快餐店。

毋庸置疑, Burger King 的食物比麥當勞的好吃 100%, 而它的漢堡更加比麥當勞的多「無限 % 」的火災。

Yes, I knew I have just had my lunch 2 hours ago and I was going to have an inflight meal 3 hours later. And I knew that I got plenty of chances to try Burger King in my trip. But just look at the burger. It was a Spicy Whopper. I hope you can understand that it was just a little bit too difficult for a fat guy to resist?

After the Burger King, it was better for me to walk around the airport. My plane was parked in Gate 1, which was just 30 seconds walk from the Burger King to there. But I still got more than 2 hours to kill. So I went to take the APM inside the airport terminal. (APM stands for Automatic People Mover. It is a free train which transports people from one end of the terminal to another.)

APM is now operated by Mass Transit Railway (MTR). As a shareholder of MTR, there is no reason for not trying this complement service offered by my own company. The overall journey time is only 1 minute several seconds. And I reached the other end of the terminal.

Then I took travellators back to Gate 1 and took some airplane photos. It was still pouring outside. I saw this classic MD of China Eastern Airlines. Classic, but horrifying!

Then, I proceed to the Disneyland shop inside the terminal. I didn't know they opened one there. Since I did not have anything for mum and Dar Win yet, I bought some cookies there.

LG sponsored free internet services inside the terminal building. So I sent some messages to my friends before proceeding to Gate 1.

100 Wong's brother greeted me while I was waiting outside Gate 1. He was traveling to Germany via Singapore on business class. He was so nice and said he would promote me to business class if possible.

Eventually, I boarded the plane. The service of Singapore Airlines was good. They now provide "Video on demand" service, which allows passengers to pause, rewind and fast-forward their video they are watching. And the food was very nice. It was baked fish with potato. However, the plane was quiet full and my promotion happened after the meal was served.

Then, I was on the business class. The seats were much wider and the table also. I wrote cards to Steven and Kenny. You can see the two cards, my notebook and my dummy on the right photo. I asked a flight attendance to send the postcards for me, on Singapore Airlines' expenses of course.

My plane touched down Singapore Changi Airport safely and on time. After a simple immigration procedure, I went to the duty free shop in no time as I could see Alan, Dar Win and mum waiting outside. Dad gave me a duty to do in Singapore. He gave me a bag of coins and asked me to use all of them there. So I asked the lady in the duty free shop if she would mind to take some coins. She smiled to me and said she wouldn't. I gave her more than 30 coins in total for some wine and beer and ran away as fast as I could.

We took taxi back home. Alan bought me a bowl of Laksa. Yummy, Yummy! Dar Win also cooked me some excellent food called Burmese Jerky, a mixture of roasted beef and mutton. Not bad!

We watched movie and drank wine till 2am and slept.